Erikli, bestowal of Uludag, meets a large quantity of minerals your body is in need of. Minerals which add its unique taste and savor to Erikli, join your water from geological stratifications of Uludag, dating back to thousands of years. Inimitable purity and mineral richness of nature render Erikli’s taste really insatiable.

Erikli, obtained from the very source at 2,300 m altitude at the summit of Uludag, and bottled without touched by human hands, offers you and your family the best, natural health warranty, and are offered for your use in a complete safe and reliable way through specific analyses carried-out on every bottling stage. Those who have already experienced the unique taste of “Erikli” keep on to experience this unique taste for years.

  0,225 lt The smallest member of "Erikli" family waits for you on selected sales point, to introduce the brand’s unique taste. Experience the most enjoyable and tasteful way of drinking "a glass of water" with "Erikli" 0.225lt package.
0,33 lt 0.33 lt "Erikli", introduced with its elegant design, meets its customers specifically in Cafés and Restaurants, and provides you with day-long freshness and comfort with its practical and easy-to-carry package.
0,5 lt On the table or in your bag, wherever you would like to have it… Erikli’s unique taste accompanies you everywhere whensoever! You can find 0.5 lt package in your neighborhood stores or kiosks, any time you like.
1 lt "Erikli" 1 liter, meets you both in Cafés and Restaurants, with its ideal size, elegant package and ease of use.
  1 lt Premium ***Brand New*** "Erikli", together with its 1lt new bottle, designed specifically for selected restaurants and hotels, provides, a stylish table-top presentation option, for customers which credit bottle design as much as taste of water on the one hand; and access for consumers who would like to feel themselves "special", to Turkey’s most tasteful water on the other.
1,5 lt "Erikli" 1.5 lt, with its ergonomic structure making it easy to use in the fridge and elegant design which goes well with tabletops, also waits for you on sales points, with its easy-to-carry 6 pack.
  5 lt Easy to carry, easy to consume…Either at home, or in your car, enjoy Erikli’s taste that you seek with its 5 lt packaging, as much as you would like.
  8 lt and 10 lt "Erikli", with 8 and 10 lt packagings always accompanies you somewhere in your kitchen or office offering you long-lasting and tasteful pleasure of drinking Erikli.