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Why Should We Prefer Erikli?

Erikli is the 8th largest Brand of Nestlé Waters globally, +1,000,000,000 bottles consumed annually.

Erikli is Turkey’s leading packaged water brand, which is known for trust, high quality and unique taste since 1952, clarifying this claim with ‘Turkey’s most beloved brand’ award.

16 million glasses of Erikli consumed everyday.

Erikli has more than 500.000 unique subscribers in Home&Office Delivery Channel.

Erikli’s unique source is located in Bursa, Mount Uludağ at +2.000m altitude.It is Inside Uludağ National Park, away from human Contact, in a protected area.

Erikli is bottled in the largest water bottling plant in Nestle Waters (Size of 19 football fields).

Erikli is the most beloved soft tasting water of Turkey, purity coming from the heart of nature. Uniqueness of taste is due to the position of the source, unique source rocks and the minerals the water makes contact with.