Why Erikli

Erikli, full to the brim with all the tastes of Uludağ... 
Geological stratifications of Uludağ, formed throughout thousand of years, add to the spring water natural minerals which are a must for your health. Those who have already experienced the soft taste of Erikli keep on to experience this unique taste for years.

Erikli, natural health warranty
Erikli, obtained from the very source at 2,300 m altitude at the summit of Uludag, and bottled without touched by human hands, offers you and your family the best, natural health warranty, and is offered for your use in a complete safe and reliable way, through specific analyses carried-out on every bottling stage.

Erikli, the most powerful and efficient distribution network
Erikli products are distributed to thousands of sales points through hundreds of dealers and service points, and with a well organized and systematized distribution network, and are exported within the scope of international platform, to Germany, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and many other countries, through foreign distribution channels, and “Erikli” PET products are offered to consumers’ credits in these countries.

Erikli, the most credited bottled water enterprise of Turkey
Researches conducted by “Capital”, one of most renowned economy publishings of Turkey; show “Erikli” as the most reliable bottled water enterprise of Turkey since 2001, for 9 consecutive years.

Erikli, Turkey’s Champion of Customer Satisfaction
Erikli holds the champion title for Customer Satisfaction during the last five consecutive years, according to results of Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index measurements, not only in bottled water sector, but in entire sectors.

Erikli, leading brand of national bottled water sector
Erikli shares with its consumers and customers the experience that has been accumulated in bottled water sector, by amalgamating it with unconditional customer satisfaction philosophy; and perhaps this is the major cause of Erikli's daily consumption by nearly 3 million people.